Introduction: Clown Fish Diorama

The bond between the sea anemone and clown fish is so beautiful and eye catching so I choose this subject to make a diorama.



Epoxy resin , blue pigment for resin, polymer clay, acrylic colors, metallic wire, marble chips, sea shells, acrylic box

Step 1:

I used green polymer clay for modelling of sea anemone. Reinforce polymer clay by inserting the flexible metal wire and arrange it in a natural look. Bake it. Put it in an acrylic box and fill the surroundings with tiny marble chips.

Step 2:

I have used orange polymer clay for modelling of clown fish. After baking, I have used acrylic paints for detailing and coloring. After the paint has dried, spray clear lacquer on it to preserve the fish.

Step 3:

Hang the fish into the acrylic box. I have used epoxy resin with the ratio of (2:1).

Read and follow the instructions given on your resin brand. Now pour the resin layer in 2 parts.It takes 24 hours to hard.

Enjoy the project !

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