Introduction: Christmas Earrings DIY - How Do You Make a Pair of Handmade Santa Claus Earrings

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Searching for handmade Christmas earrings? Today’s tutorial will tell you how to make quilling paper Santa Claus earrings. Hope you like it. There are many beaded Christmas earrings on our website. Today, I will tell you how to make a pair of quilling paper Santa Claus earrings. The main materials are quilling papers, and you can use model to help you roll the circles. These Santa Claus earrings are so cute and lively, right? Do not hesitate, just follow me to make these handmade Christmas earrings.

Step 1: Supplies in Making the Colorful Beaded Snowflake Pendent Necklace:

5MM Quilling Paper

Jump Rings

Earring Hooks


White Glue


Rolling Pen


Step 2: Make the Basic Patterns

Roll 2 pieces of 5mm white quilling papers, roll it and put it into the hole to adjust its size as pictured, stick the ends firmly.

Step 3: Make the Other Patterns of Santa Claus

1st, roll a circle with an entire red quilling paper, disperse it a little and stick it;

2nd, press the inner several layers into a heart, the outer several layers into a square, like the picture below;

3rd, fold about 6cm red quilling paper as a shoulder of Santa Claus, stick the square, shoulder, then the small circle, the bid circle together;

4th, cut about 7cm red quilling paper, fold it a time and stick it to the bounding point as pictured.

Step 4: Link All the Patterns

1st, combine the quilling paper patterns with a jump ring and an earring hook;

2nd, repeat the above steps to make the other pair of the Santa Claus earrings.

Step 5:

Here is the final look of the handmade Christmas earrings.

With quilling papers at hands, you can make these Santa Claus earrings now. This couple of handmade Christmas earrings have just 3 steps, and it need no more other DIY skills. With my tutorial on how to make Christmas earrings, you can also make a pair for the coming Christmas. Have a nice try!