Introduction: Christmas Necklaces to Make – Long Chain Pendent Necklace With Beaded Snowflake Pattern

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This article tutors how to make a long chain pendent necklace with beaded snowflake pattern for the Christmas. You can have a go if you love it. Today I made a long chain pendent necklace with beaded snowflake pattern for the Christmas. If you are wondering about what to make for the Christmas, then this beaded snowflake necklace would be a great choice for you! With simple supplies and easy stitching skills, you can also make it out.

Step 1: Supplies in Making the Colorful Beaded Snowflake Pendent Necklace:

Silver Cross Chain

Red Glass Drop Bead

4mm Green Glass Beads

Yellow Tube Bead

2mm White Seed Beads

0.3mm Tiger Wire


Step 2: Stitch a Flower Pattern

1st, snip off a tiger wire, slide 10 green glass beads on, and then cross the wire through the last 2 beads to make a circle;

2nd, slide a yellow tube bead, 7 white seed beads and a tube bead again, and then thread the wire through the 3rd green bead nearby to form a petal;

3rd, repeat the above process to make the rest petals and trim off the wire.

Step 3: Add a Circle Fringe

1st, snip off a long tiger wire, and thread it through a seed beat at a petal top, then slide beads on in sequences of a tube bead, a seed bead, a green bead, a seed bead and a tube bead;

2nd, stitch the wire through another seed bead at a petal top as shown in the picture;

3rd, repeat the steps to stitch the rest fringe circle.

Step 4: Bead Snowflake Pattern

1st, slide a yellow tube bead, 3 seed beads, a yellow bead, a glass drop bead and at last a seed bead on and then thread wire backward through the red drop bead;

2nd, slide the same beads on the wire as the primary one, and finally stitch the wire through the seed bead at petal top to form a flake pattern;

3rd, repeat above process to make the rest flake patterns and trim off the excess.

Step 5: Finish the Snowflake Pendent Necklace

1st, snip off a short wire, thread it through the top seed bead, and wrap the wire to connect the beaded snowflake pendent with the silver cross chain;

2nd, trim off the excess and finish the Christmas snowflake long chain pendent necklace.

Step 6:

Let's see the final piece of the colorful beaded snowflake pendent necklace! It's just so eye-catching! Snowflake pattern jewelry is always popular in any season. Jewelry makers usually make snowflake patterns with seed beads and make it a pendent or drop in jewelry. This long chain pendent necklace with beaded snowflake pattern is a trial to make snowflake a pendent with seed beads, glass beads and tube beads. It works out so perfect that I wear it immediately! Now you can also have a go if you have acquire how to make a Christmas snowflake after my tutorial.