Introduction: Christmas Story Decorations

Ralphie,Randy and Flick

Step 1: Christmas Story Decorations

I am a huge fan of the christmas story movie. So building these was a blast. First I constructed the body by placing 2 2x4's next to each other and cutting them to desired height of the shoulders of the character. I then screwed a peice of 2x 4 aprox 8 inches long between the two where the waist would be and another at the top where the shoulders would be. Don't worry I added the head later. Once I got the frame screwed together I added pool noodles around the legs. Then put pants on it I got from goodwill . I stuffed newspapers inside the legs to give it shape .
The arms
I made the arms out of 1/2 PVC ,pool noodles , PVC elbows and 2 90° corner brackets.
I attached the corner brackets to the PVC then screwes the bracket to the frame. I added a jacket and stuffed with newspaper and rags til it looked realistic.
The pool noodles over the PVC worked good for giving the arms shape.
The heads
90• corner bracket screwed to the top center of cross piece of frame. I took a Styrofoam head and cut the face off. So that the facial area was flat. I then printed out and laminated pictures of each character and hot glued it to the head.
I used hot glue sticks cut up and glued back together so they look like fingers. I then stuffed them into a glove and hot glued the glove to the inside of the jacket. I picked up a hat that looked close to what they actually wore
I drilled holes in shoes then slid a green fencepost thru the hole in the shoe and attached it to the frame so the whole thing will stand on its own.

I zip tied the hands onto the flagpole for Flick who is hanging on to the pole while his tongue is frozen to the pole.

For Randy I did the same except I made the top piece longer so his arms are straight out.

The rifle I traced from a bb gun and cut it from wood. I then added the barrel which is a piece of conduit.

I had a huge response from these guys people loved them. I tossed them when I got divorced but am making new ones. I will make a step by step when I do that.

If anyone makes these please post pics.