Introduction: Chrysanthemum Pattern Screen Printed Ceramic Tile

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Here is a quick & easy tutorial on screen printing ceramic bisque tiles.


1. Chrysanthemum ready-to-use silk screen stencil

2. Duncan Concepts underglaze for bisque

3. Flat artist brush about 1.5 inches wide

4. 6"x6" bisque tile

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

Start by gathering the supplies. I purchased Duncan Concepts underglaze online for this project, and used a flat artist brush. Picked up the bisque tile from a local ceramic studio.

Step 2: Position the Silk Screen Stencil

The cool thing about these ready-to-use silkscreens, is the stencil can be larger than the item to be printed. I used a Regular size (8.5"x11") Chrysanthemum Pattern ready-to-use stencil and laid it over the tile.

Step 3: Apply Underglaze

I took the black underglaze and made a line of it at the top of the stencil.

Step 4: Coat the Tile

Using the flat artist brush, I covered the entire design area of the stencil over the tile. Only light pressure was given. I have had several ceramic artists recommend using a silkscreen medium or thickening powder to mix with the underglaze then apply with a fingertip. But honestly, that just sounded like an extra step and quite messy. No medium or thickening agent was used, and the underglaze passed right through the silk screen stencil without any bleeding.

Step 5: Lift the Stencil

I checked each corner for voids before completely removing the stencil. Once a few areas were fixed, the stencil was taken off and rinsed in the sink with water.

Step 6: Voila!

The bisque tile is done. Once the underglaze dries, it will be clear dipped and fired.