Introduction: Screen Printed Ceramic Bisque Tiles

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Since I am new to ceramics and wanted to start easy, I headed to a local ceramic studio during open workshop to "paint my own pottery." I am not the most artist person, so I picked up some silk screen stencils to create my pieces.


Ready to use EZScreen silk screens in various designs

Duncan concepts brand ceramic under-glazes

Bisque tiles

Flat artist brush, approx. 1.5" wide

Step 1: Screen Printing

Started off by giving 3 coats of yellow under-glaze on a tile. Laid the silk screen stencil on top, and used a flat artist brush to paint a black under-glaze over the stencil. Lifted it off, Voila!

I was told to use a screen printing medium or thickener combined with the under-glaze and apply by hand, but that just seemed messy and time consuming. Turns out, my way worked great.

Stencil: EZScreen Geometric Swirls design

Step 2: Second Tile

Same steps as the last tile, but I used the Abstract Floral silk screen and a maroon colored under-glaze.

Step 3: Last

For the last tile, I printed directly onto the bisque without pre-coating with under-glaze. I used black under-glaze and the Multi Mandala silk screen.

The tiles were clear dipped and placed in a low-fire kiln for 24 hours.

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed!