Introduction: Cider Can Wasp Trap!

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Here is my Cider Can Wasp Trap! It works like a charm and will clear up your pest problem...

This one is similar to my "Juice Carton Wasp Trap", but it makes sure that very few wasps escape, due to the inward slope of the entrance

Here's the other trap!:

Step 1: Preparations!

What I used here was just an average cider can.

Of course a beer can or a fizzy-drink can would do the job too!

What you will need:
A can
A sweet liquid
Magazine (optional)

Step 2: Open That Can Up!

Using your scissors, remove the top part of the can, and save that for later.

Trim the jagged edges of the two sections, just to avoid any cuts later on!

Step 3: Bait the Trap

I am using the same combination as the previous trap: cranberry juice and jam!

This is a tried and tested formula, and works very well.

Fill the can up to about the 2 inch mark, and give it a swirl... The mixture should be sticky, and liquidy!

Step 4: Completing the Trap!

To finish the trap, place the top part of the can upside down into the bottom part.

This is when you use your hammer to tap it down into the can.

You can use your magazine to place between the hammer and can, this makes the fitting process a lot easier!

The trap is complete when the top has been completely fitted into the bottom!

Step 5: Set Your Trap!

Like the previous wasp trap, you need to place it somewhere central in your "wasp zone", to make the trapping more efficient.

Don't leave it too long, I learned the hard way!
When the trap becomes too full, the wasps are able to escape, because they no longer "stick" to the gooey mixture.
It is a lot harder to dispose of a full trap, than a half-full trap!

I hope this helps with you wasp problem!

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