Introduction: Cigar Box Pistol Case

The idea for this instructable came from this instructable by fluzwup.

I have a bunch of cigar boxes in my garage that I collect for use in other projects like lamps. I have been looking for a better way to store my 9mm pistol and when I saw the instructable by fluzwup I immediately knew I wanted to use one of my cigar boxes.

This project is fairly straight forward and should not be too complicated for anyone to accomplish.

Step 1: Find a Box/Collect Materials and Tools

First things first, you want to select a box that fits your firearm. It should fit in flat and the box should close with no trouble. Keep in mind you will need more room if you want to hold more than just the firearm. For example I have a clip in with mine.


Cigar Box (Or any kind of box)
Cardboard. Enough for multiple layers to be put in the box.
Spray glue. The kind I used advertised that it could be used on cardboard and felt.
Box lining material. I used felt because I had some spare squares.

Lockable latch
Two clasps

I strongly suggest that you add a lockable latch like I did especially if you have children in your home. Always keep your firearms out of reach of children or locked up.


Xacto knife

Step 2: Measure, Cut, Outline, Cut, Glue

First thing to do is measure the interior of your box. The top and bottom interior should be the same, just different depths.
Once you have your measurement, subtract about 1/8" to 1/4". If you use a true measurement you may be able to barely get the cardboard to fit into your box, but once you put the material around it, it won't fit. By subtracting some from the get go, it should fit snug without having to alter.
You want enough cardboard to raise the pistol up, but you will be cutting into severL layers to drop it down and create an overall secure fit.

Once all of the cardboard is cut, position your pistol and other items how you want them in the box. Trace around them and then use the Xacto knife and scissors to cut out the shape of the pistol. The way I did mine, I cut out two layers on the bottom and one on the top.

Next, glue each layer one at a time in the bottom stack and then the top. Let it dry so it is secure.

Step 3: Cut and Glue the Material

Now that you have two stacks of cardboard, put them i. Your box and set your pistol in to see how the fit is. It should close with very little to no resistance. Once you put the lining you will have more resistance, but it will be secure.

Lay your lining over your cardboard and cut it so it will wrap around and partially under the cardboard.
Spray the top of the cardboard with the glue, then firmly press the material, working it into the depressions. Latex gloves might make this easier.
Let this dry for a bit then flip it over, spray the glue on the edges and the back. Wrap the material and press firmly.
Let this all dry for 30 minutes to and hour.

Step 4: Attach the Clasps and Latch...done!

The only thing left to do is attach the clasps and latch.
Once attached, you are done!
I really liked the way mine turned out. Share yours once you make it!