Introduction: Circus Tiger Ringmaster

Another simple Halloween wagon float for your little one..Super easy to make.

Gather up your items and get creative

Using a wagon (the same one I use every year),cut some thin slats of wood to make your cage frame,cut your cardboard in (circus shapes)attach to frame,I painted mine before I attached them,add your cage bars,I cut grooves in the frame for the bars to fit tightly. Add your stuffed tiger,some straw,Dress your ringmaster ,I used sweat pants,her boots,plastic dollar store hat and the vest and jacket I found at a thrift store and added her winter gloves.Once you are done send them off to a Halloween parade to win a prize!



large stuffed tiger or anything you want to use for your circus ring master.

Plastic pvc pipe


glue gun


small wood slats

a suitable outfit