Introduction: Little Haunted House

1.Our little haunted house in our back yard, we started with our craft shed, cleaned everything out and let our imagination flow.

2.We searched our garage, house for props.

3.We started by setting up the shed as a dining room,we moved a old china cupboard in that we found on a curb by someone throwing it away, next we moved in a childs table and chairs, old bookshelf also found by someone throwing it away.

4.Next we searched our boxes of Halloween costumes, masks etc.

5.We began making our dummies, we used plastic bags and old clothing to stuff the bodies. We then put them in place.

6.After placing our dummies we began to set old looking props through the shed, candles, jars, mirrors, anything we could use for props.

7.After we placed everything where we wanted it, we started to apply some spider webbing through the shed, next came the fake blood which was made by using tide laundry soap and jello(red)

8.We set the table with a brain which was made from flour and water and some wine glasses.

9.We splashed the whole shed with the fake blood mixture.

10.We added some floating candles by using paper towel rolls, tea lights ,tissue paper. We hung them with fishing string.

11.Next we started to work around the outside of the shed,we hung a clothes line and added some bloody towels.

12.We then began to decorate the area around the shed we all the props we had from Halloween in the past.

13.Tombstones were added by using Styrofoam we had lying around,used a little paint to add some detail, ghost were made by sheets, we ripped some old pillows apart to form the heads,and then used our backyard tiki tourches to set the ghosts on, the wolf is a old stuffed bear, we added a mask and some fur to him.

We created this little haunted house for pennies, the only things we bought were some spider webbing, tea lights and batteries from the dollar store..we spent a cool $10.00 on this...all other items were things we had lying around the house!


Back yard shed

A few $store items

Your imagination

Your old Halloween Items from the past

Just be creative when you make something like this you can not mess anything up!

Happy Halloween!

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