Introduction: Classroom Scales

Hello again dear fellow teachers!

Here is another project of mine!

The scales are suited for all sort of classrooms or for kinder garden, even for the outdoors.

You can fit a lot of stuff into them and they are cheap and easy to make.

I made them to explain equations in math-class more visually, but you can use them for whatever you want.

Step 1: What You Will Need

A wheel board (so the scales can be moved around easily)

A straight wooden stick of some sort (a pole, some branch, whatever you want), that will hold your scales.

Some screws to connect your stick with the board.

An eye screw to hold your scales.

An old coat-hanger with hooks on the sides (please check the picture)

Two identical built flower pots with handles.

Step 2: Let's Start

The first step is the most complicated.

So after that everything will be easy!

You will need the wheel board, the stick and the normal screws.

Turn the board upside down (Wheels up)

Place the stick upright underneath the board, try to find the middle of the board. It does not have to be exact.

Maybe you want to drill some holes into the board first, so you can get the screws in more easily, but with an electric screwdriver you can do without holes.

With the screws connect the board and the stick.

When you are done, turn the whole thing around again.

Step 3: Place the Eye Screw

The eye-screw is easy to place.

You want it to place it high up on your stick.

As soon as you have turned it in a bit, you can use your hanger to finish the job.

Place the hanger into the loop of the screw.

With a gripper bent the main-hook of your hanger, so it fits better.

Step 4: Finish the Project

The last step to do is to hang the pots at the small hooks of your coat-hanger.

The gripper can help you to bring the balance of your scales to perfection.

Step 5: Have Fun With Your Scales

Now all you have to do is bring your scales to your classroom and start the fun!

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