Introduction: Story-cards

Hello dear fellow teachers!

Some time ago I had the idea to this project and I hope you like it as much as I do.

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They more or less work like Story-cubes, just better, since the possibilities are endless. You aren't stuck with one out of six possibilities per cube. Every combination is possible.

The game-instructions:

Version 1:

All cards are split amongst the children in the class. Now the first child starts to tell a story, using the word pictured on their first card. The next child continues the story using the word pictured on their first card and so on, until all cards were used.

Skills trained: Listening to and understanding their classmates; enhancing creativity and language skills

Version 2:

Each child picks some (f.e. 3-6, depending on the study-level of the child) turned over cards. The task is to write a story, containing all the words pictured on the cards they picked. For a more challenging approach the words have to be in the same order they were picked

Skills trained: Writing skills, language skills and creativity

Version 3:

Word-training in foreign languages

You pick out the cards showing vocabulary you want to train with the class. Either the children can test each other by holding up cards for their partner who has to say the word, or you can test the class by holding up a card and the children have to raise their hands if they know the answer, and you pick one to say it out loud.

Skills: Vocabulary-training

Or: Whatever you can think of! Let me know if you have other ideas how to use the cards, please!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

Now, how to make those cards?

You will need:

Blank Memory-game cards


A sharpened Pencil


Internet, a computer or laptop with paint or a similar program and a printer

Or you are really good at drawing and draw those things by hand... I am not... :(

Step 2: Choose Your Pictures

First I collected ideas on what I wanted to have on my cards.

I wrote them down on a piece of paper and added whenever I cam up with more ideas. I had about 200 until now, but I haven't turned all of them into cards yet.

Open your internet-browser and start looking for pictures you like. I used "clipart", "colouring" and "template" as keywords together with the term I was actually looking for. It is important that the pictures you choose have clear lining that you can trace.

Depending on the size of your cards you want the size of your pictures to be.

I checked with a normal printing paper on how many cards I could fit on the paper. Then I made a chart with rectangular cells (In my case 4.81cm) in my word-program.

I found out for the size I needed 163 pixels were ideal. I transferred the pictures I found with my browser to my paint-program and resized them, so that the longest size was 163 pixels exactly. Then I copied the pictures into my chart.

Once all your pictures are transferred into the chart you can print them out.

Step 3: Transfer Your Pictures

Now take your first card, take a piece of carbon-paper and choose your first picture. Place the card on a hard, flat surface (f.e. your table), place the carbon-paper, writing-side down on your card, place your picture on top of it all and place it carefully, so that it's in the centre of your card.

With your sharp pencil trace the lines of your picture with a little pressure. Make sure you have traced all the lines, before removing the card from underneath.

A sharp pencil makes thinner lines and is easier to handle. You might want to re-sharpen it from time to time.

Trace all of your pictures onto your cards that way. Carbon-paper can be used multiple times at the same spot. If it starts to look worn out, take a new spot. I used a quarter of a page on 88 cards.

Step 4: Colour Your Cards

Once all your pictures are transferred to the cards, take your colour-pencils and colour the pictures nicely.

Then you are done.

If you want to save them from dirty or sticky fingers you can cover them in book-film to make them last longer.

Have fun making them!

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Thank you!

Step 5: Picture-idea List

UFO, Walnut, Clam, Fish, Leave, Crown, Heart, Cat, Sword, Flower, Tree, House, Moustache, Pocket watch, Pipe, Caterpillar, Car, Dragon, Pillow, Tea, Sea, Rope, Hoofs, Butterfly, Frog, Mountains, Rock, Dog, Bonfire, Yeti, Lemming or Hamster, Broom, Pirate-flag (Jolly Roger), Island, Spider, Bone, Horn (Unicorn-Horn), The Death, Poison, Ship, Bird, Pumpkin, Bell-Pepper, Carrot, Chicken, Hat, Cubes, Fork, Spoon, Knife, Cake, Cloud, Sun, Feather, Gold coins, Treasure-chest, Candle, Gift, Shoes, Hair, Book, Eye, Icicles, Rice, Baby, Snail, Telescope, Jam, Bee, Granny, Viking-helmet, Shield, Axe, Hammer, Wolf, Ink-jar, Dodo, Octopus, Grass-hopper, Rain-boots, Apple, Juice, Milk, Diamonds, Mask, Superman-sign, Jelly-fish, Shark, Wonder lamp, Button, Garlic, Mushrooms, Corn, Gun, Horse, Carpet, Ghost, Rat, Bat, Tomahawk, Ladybug, Snake, Crocodile, Police-badge, Magnifying glass, Shoe-prints, Path through the woods, Wood, Ruin, Feather headdress, Fairy, Barrel, Basket, Gloves, Scarf, Sock, Shirt, Guitar, Skirt, Jacket, Piglet, Trousers, Thumbprint, Flute, Castle, Sledge, Bunny, Egg, Banana peel, Grapes, Steak, Cocktail, Bucket, Shovel, Saw, Handcuffs, Prison-window, Umbrella, Bathtub, Soap, Sink, Ring, Cheese, Feed hopper, Mouth, Drugs, Syringe, Cross, Airplane, Suitcase, Robot, Laptop, Alarm clock, Branch, Comet, Satellite, Planet, Microphone, Flashlight, Fish tank, Robber's mask, Table, Lightning, Drum, Bow, Arrow, Glasses, Well, Igloo, Fireplace, Hot air balloon, Waterfall, Paint board, Cactus, Door, Window, Earth, Moon, Owl, Cupboard, Oven, Chair, Armchair, Rainbow, River, Tent, Big top, Fence, Stairs, Bicycle, Vase, Jug, Dinosaur, Excavator, Train, Tornado, Iceberg, Bean, Dynamite, Bread, Candy, Tooth, Hand, Crystal ball, Cards, Bear, Street lamp, Hydrant, Fire engine, Light house, Rose, Pencil, Scissors, Globe, Compass, Lifesaver, Paper clip, Pearl-necklace, Ball, Boots, Squirrel, Saber-toothed tiger, Movie-reel, Tunnel, Slide, Swimming pool, Needle, Bridge, Street, Swings, Level crossing, Ball of yarn, Signpost, Ice-cream, Chocolate, Salt shaker, Burrow, Ribbon, Bell, Muffin, Balloon, Skateboard, Duct tape, Surfboard, Scooter, Dreamcatcher, Garden gnome, Shopping cart, Watering can, Wheelbarrow, Barn, Garbage can, Nest, Skunk, Dolphin, Conifer, Lighter, Tree house, Boat, Bus, Wall, Microscope, Worm, Flat iron, Giraffe, Tomatoes, Pizza, Wings, Skis, Blackboard, Cage, Piano, Cow, Foot, Rocket, Eagle, Phone, Pot, Turtle, Monkey, Lion, Ladder, Traffic light, Ant, Antelope, Whistle, Trophy, Medal, Doughnut, Cherries, Lemon, Gingerbread, Hut, Elephant, Sea lily, Dragonfly, Scorpion, Fridge, Volcano, Penguin, Moose, Coffin, Throne, Chef's hat, Ear, Nose, ...

If you have any more ideas, please let me know!

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