Introduction: Marbled Beads

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If you happen to have a bag of old beads and some clothes-peg lying around, here is how you can turn them into nice, unique and easy to make jewellery!

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Step 1: What You Will Need

What you will need depends on whether you like the look of your beads as they are, or not.

If you do, all you do need are your beads and some old clothes-pegs and some pliers for shaping.

Proceed with step 4: "Pegging the beads"

If you don't, then you will need:

A bowl with water

Some nail-polish

Some wire

And of course your beads, clothes-pegs and pliers.

Step 2: Spicing Up Those Beads

Let some drops of nail-polish fall into your bowl of water.

Put your bead onto the wire, so you can hold the bead with your wire.

Gently place the bead into your bowl and pull it out again quickly.

Step 3: Take a Break

Let your beads dry for some time.

I used some of my clothes-pegs and my bowl to hold them up to dry.

Once they are dry, carefully remove them from your wire.

Step 4: Pegging the Beads

Now take your clothes-peg and your beads.

Carefully remove the metal-part from your clothes-peg.

We won't be needing the rest of the clothes-peg.

Step 5: Metal-bending

Use your pliers to bend the "legs" of the metal-piece apart.

Also try to level the "feet" of the piece. Otherwise it will be hard to fit your bead in.

Step 6: Attach the Bead

Carefully slide the bead on, first on one "foot", then carefully try to insert the other foot into the bead.

That's the most tricky part of the process.

Use your pliers to squeeze the spiral-thing together, so the bead can't slip off again.

You're done!

You can fit leather-bands, shoe-laces, wires, small chain-necklaces and stuff like that through the spiral-part, to use your bead for all sort of jewellery or charm.

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