Classy Washer Bracelet

Introduction: Classy Washer Bracelet

This is a classy yet beautiful bracelet made from recycled old washers, It's a modern looking bracelet to show off to your friends and family and also a great present for some one special!

Step 1: Tape the Ribbon

Tape the two ribbons together at the very tip, like an aglet. This makes it easier to loop the ribbon through the washer.

Step 2: First Washer

Inset the washer through the ribbon pair.

Step 3: Second Washer

Insert the second washer like the first washer. Then, take the lope where you inserted it from and loop it through the first washer.

Then, take the end of the ribbon and loop it again form bottom to top on the second washer.

Now you're back to youre initial state, follow step 2 for the third washer, step 3 for the fourth washer and so on. Repeat until you have a long strand for a bracelet `

Step 4: Clasp

To make a clasp, and done more washer at the end and tie a knot between the two sets of ribbons.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Enjoy you're classy yet beautiful bracelet made from recycled washers!

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