Introduction: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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Cleaning brushes is something essential for every woman who wears makeup. I know people that have bought their brushes years ago and have never washed them! They are full of bacterias and dirt that can be very unhealthy for the skin. I always recommend washing them every two weeks but if you're a makeup artist you should be washing your brushes more frequently.

Step 1: You Need..

Hand towel

Hand soup or shower gel.

Coconut oil

Small container

Step 2: Oil Based

For the brushes you use for oil based formulations such as water resistant eyeliners or long lasting lipsticks, you will first need to take the pigments off by placing some coconut oil in a paper towel and rubbing your brush against it. Then continue with the cleansing process with the rest of the brushes.

Step 3: Soapy Water

Put water in your container (like 1/3 parts of it). Put two pumps of soap and mix very well with your hands to get a very bubbly water.

Step 4: Wash and Rinse

Introduce your brushes one by one and make gentle strokes with the bottom of your recipient. Be careful not to damage the hair of your brushes.

Rinse them with the water and squeeze them with your fingers.

Step 5: Dirty Water

After washing 8-10 brushes you'll notice your water very dirty. Throw it away and prepare more soapy water. Try to clean the brushes with lighter colors first (foundation, concealer) and the ones with very dark pigments at last (eyeliner, eyeshadow).

Step 6: Dry

Roll up one side of your towel to make it have a high side an a low side. Place your brushes with the hair facing the lower side to make the wood stay dry and assure the lifetime of your makeup brushes.

Do this periodically to keep them clean and fresh.

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