Introduction: Clever Table for Armchair, Couch or Laptop

About: I love to make DIY projects with my son

Everybody likes to eat or drink something seating in armchair, on a couch during.. i don;t know, for example during watching TV or reading a book. But there is a problem what to do with the hot cup or a plate ?

I present foldable clever table which fit to any type of furniture. It can be used as meal desk, as a table on armchair or couch or even as a laptop stand in the bedroom.

Step 1: Materials

Clever Table is really easy project to do. It requires only 8 slats (13x1,5 inch) and one 3 times wider (3*1,5=7,5inch). Take the board and cut it to the right dimensions. After that use sandpaper to smooth the surface and to round the edges.

Step 2: Painting

Now take the all slats and paint them with something which is water and hot proof. (You will be using table with a hot cup of tea so it needs to be durable). I recommend to use wood stains and laquers.

Step 3: Mounting All Toghether

Take all slats and put them upside down like this: 4 normal - wider one - 4 normal.

Glue the stripes of two sided strong glue tape to the bottom.

Prepare the fabric (in my case it was artifical leather) by cutting it to the table dimensions. Now take the fabric and glue it to the other side of the glue tape (to the bottom of the table).

Step 4: The End

That's all. Your Clever Table is ready to use.

Tip. Use as thin as possible wood for the project. It will give lighter and more practical table.