Introduction: Clip on Dog Collar Flash Light

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Recently, My family got a Mini Golden doodle. Maggie, is a joyful puppy who loves to play as well as take naps. Though, we have to take her out at night. Imagine waking up early so the dog can pee. Now, she’s old enough to sleep through the night, but this idea did pop in my head when we only had her for 1 week. So this Instructable goes out to my 12 week old pup. Love you Maggie!

Simply, this clip on collar flashlight is easy to make. It has less than 10 Components to it. So, let’s get started!


1 Pipe Cleaner

A piece of fabric

A LED Light, preferably yellow


Battery clip

On and off switch

Silicone wire


Step 1: Making the Circuits

The video up above shows you how to make the circuit.

1. Connect the small leg of the led light to the resistor and twist

2. Connect the big leg of the led light with a stripped piece of silicone wire

3. Connect the other side of the wire to the on and off switch

4. Connect the on and off switch to the red wire of the battery clip

5. Connect the black wire of the battery clip to the resistor

If the light won’t turn on, simply take out the extra wire and the on and off switch. If this is what you do, you can turn it off and on by disconnecting and connecting the battery clip to the battery.

Step 2: Making It Attachable and De-attachable

To start, glue one side of the pipe cleaner to the top. Then, align the piece of fabric with the pipe cleaner. Glue both side of the fabric, but clump the fabric closely together so the pipe cleaner would be able to fit in. Once both sides are glued down, try to see if the pipe cleaner can fit into the fabric and stay there. Next, test if you hold it by the pipe cleaner still in the fabric that it holds. If it does, that’s great! Check one more time and turn on the light to see if it’s working. If it is, your all set!

Step 3: Use Your Model!

Maggie helped me out with this step by showing off my project. The collar clip worked very well! This project was very fun and I hope you all enjoyed it also!

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