Introduction: Cloud Mirror

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I had a sunburst mirror that I had made hanging from one wall of my living room which I was getting a bored. I wanted to replace it with something I made myself, so I did a Google search of "cool mirrors" to get some inspiration. I came across the lovely bubble mirrors from Calligaris, which I thought I could try to replicate. While making a template for it, I created a slightly different shape, that of a cloud which I liked a lot more, hence the cloud mirror. (It seems somewhat fitting replacing a sunburst with a cloud mirror). My mirror is made very inexpensively using foam board and dollar store mirrors, costing under $10 in total. However had I the space and power tools, I would like to have made the cloud shape out of plywood white paint instead.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need


  • 1-2 sheets of Foam board -I picked mine up at a dollar store, they come in a standard size (20X30 in, 3/16in thickness)
  • Round mirrors -I used 6 mirrors which I picked up at the dollar store(2X 5 3/4in diam., 2X5in diam., and 1X2in diam.)
  • Nails


  • Pot and pan lids or bowls to trace circles
  • Pencil
  • Scissors, and utility knife
  • Glue -I used a glue gun and white glue
  • Hammer

Step 2: Cloud Template

To make the template for the cloud, I found some pot lids and a plastic cup from which I could draw circles. The circles need to be about 1-2inches in diameter larger than the mirrors. I traced the lids and cut them out of a magazine. I then arrayed the circles out on the foam board to create a cloud shape. Once satisfied with the shape, I traced it onto the foam board with pencil.

Step 3: Cut the Cloud

I used a utility knife to cut out the shape of the cloud. Since I needed two of these cloud shapes to create my mirror, I placed the first cut out cloud onto the remaining piece if foam board, traced it and cut out the second. Fortunately, my cloud fit within the width of the foam board, if you make a larger cloud you will need two sheets of board.

Step 4: Making Space for the Mirrors

Lay out the mirrors onto the cloud the way you like and trace their shape with pencil and carefully cut out the circles. Cut within the circles, so that the mirror has a snug fit, rather then the holes being too large. Only do this with one of the clouds shapes, put aside the second cloud shape for later.

Step 5: Gluing the Mirrors

Insert the mirrors into the circles you cut for them and turn the cloud over. Glue along the edge of the mirror backs were they meet the foam board using the glue gun. Allow the glue to dry.

Step 6: Finishing Off

Take the second cloud and cut two hole to hang it from. They should be spread out to support the weight of the mirrors. I lined the inside of these nail holes with the glue gun glue to reinforce them. Since the thickness of the mirrors varied so that they were not flush with the back, I cut some circles out of cardboard and glued them to the back of the mirrors so that they were even. Now we can glue the two clouds together, I used a white glue and applied it over the entire back of the cloud with the mirrors and placed the second cloud on top, lining up the edges. I placed books on top while it dried. Hammer some nails into the wall and when the glue had dried. you are ready to hang it up (though you probably need to clean off the finger smudges from the mirrors first).