Introduction: Coconut Bird Feeder.

Winter is a hard time for birds. Feeding them with a mixture of fat and seeds helps them through this period.
Here’s a simple Instructable that will show you how to make a bird feeder based on a coconut in such a way that the fat-seed mixture is always protected from the rain and that larger birds can not feed on it.
It is particulary suitable for: Nuthatch and Great Tit.

You will need
  • 1/2 coconut.
  • A wooden stick (lenght 30 cm, diameter 1 cm)
  • A piece of iron wire or rope.
  • 1/4 l fat and a handful of seeds. Use fat that is solid at room temperature. In this way, when the temperature rises outside, you don’t loose all the fat at once. I have used the  fat (not the meat!) from a dish called Confit_de_canard (duck confit). Briefly the dish is duck, submerged in fat and then canned. It is this fat that I have used.
  • Some glue to glue the stick in place.

How it's made:
Take a 1/2 coconut. Drill a hole through the top of the coconut (the diameter should be equal to the diameter of the stick).
Add some glue to the top of the stick and insert it into the coconut. Let it dry.
Drill a small hole in the top of the stick (to attach the iron / wire).
Melt the fat, add the seeds and pour it into the coconut. Let it solidify. Done!