Introduction: Stone Ski Helmet

On the rare occasion that kids mature faster than they demolish their sporting equipment, they sometimes end up with a rather childish ski helmet.

This Instructable will show you how to upgrade your kid's ski helmet into something really cool: a stone helmet.

You will need:

  • a helmet.
  • sand paper (80 grit).
  • masking tape.
  • spray can of stone paint.
  • spray can varnish.

Step 1: Sand, Clean and Apply Masking Tape.

There is not much to add to the title of this step. No need to apply a ground layer, just sand the helmet properly. If you're worried about the green coming through, the stone paint is sufficiently thick although starting with a grey or black helmet would be easier. You can buy the Stone paint in many hardware stores.

If you have limited time, primarely focus on applying masking tape. If not, you will end up with messy lining.

(oh yeah, try to remove as many items like ear flaps and goggle straps etc).

Step 2: Spray, Dry and Spray.

Apply two or more layers on the helmet and finish with a clear varnish coat for protection (mainly UV).

Now you're good to go!

If you've invested time in applying the masking tape properly, you're reward will be a sharp edge as can be seen in the pictures.




Sometimes you get an idea and you think it's your own? Often it's not...

I can't remember seeing this Instructable previously, but it could very well have been in the back of my mind...

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