Introduction: The Selfie Ring A.k.a. the Phone Ring

This Instructable was sparked by the observation that my wife's smart phone seems to be glued to her hand. Even though this often seems the case, the thing has dropped on an occasion or two. I decided to help her but since glueing is a bit drastic I came up with this ring.

It's a ring with a suction cup attached to it and it "sticks" to the back side of the phone. I call it the selfie ring or phone ring (get it?).

Soon in the project it became clear that there is a serious side to this. Smart phones usually have a slick design that seems to be aimed at sliding the phone smoothly into your pocket. Elderly people or people that suffer from Parkinson or Arthritis, can have troubles handeling smooth objects.

This Instructable will show you how to make a ring that will help you to get a grip on your smart phone. If you're vain and merely want to use this ring for selfies under the most difficult circumstances like roller coaster rides, earth quakes or being chased by a lion? Really, ..that's ok.

If you have troubles handeling the slick design of your smart phone? This I'ble will suit you even beter!

This is my entry for the Ring Challenge. Please vote for me if you like this instructable.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need:

  • a suction cup. You can buy these in any supplies shop. Where I live they are sold to hang towels off.
  • a ring (preferabele slightly langer than your finger as it needs to accomodate the head of the suction cup as well).
  • a saw, pliers and a drill

Step 2: Sawing and Drilling

Select a ring of the appropriate size. You could make one of your own by following some other Instructable in this contest. I choose not to do so and selected a carbon fibre tube that I had laying around from my Wingbike project (

Remove the iron towel hanger with a set of pliers and measure the inner diameter of the hook. This determines the size of the hole you have to drill in the ring.

Drill the hole first, THEN cut the tube to the correct size. Since carbon fibre is very sharp, make sure to sand the edges to smoothen the ring.

Step 3: Voila!

Allmost there! Press the head of the suction cup into the ring. Now you're done!

Have fun!

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