Introduction: Coconut Hair Clip.

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Give to your Hair a Caribean Style with the  New: "Coconut Hair Clip", Bring the tropical style to your Life.

Step 1: Stuff and Equipment.

Coconut Shell.
Bamboo Stick.
Wallnut Seed

Bush Knife.
Dremel or Drill.
Sand Paper.

Step 2: Shape.

Trace an oval shape to the coconut shell, and with the dremel remove all the Fluffy thing around, cut and give a Nice Shape.
Keep the small Pieces for your next Coconut Craft.

Step 3: The Stick.

Cut a bamboo dovel of 10 x 10 x120 mms, and carve with the Bush knife.

Step 4: Hole, Hole.

Drill Two holes in each side of the shell and carefuly Guide the Stick until 

Step 5: Sand, Polish or Varnish.

When you finish Sand and Varnish your Creation.
Hope you Like it.

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