Introduction: Coconut Shell Showpiece

Decorative coconut shell showpiece.


Step 1: Preparing Coconut Shell

Hi Friends,

Happy to share you with another DIY coconut shell showpiece.. Almost everyone can get a coconut shell no need to go for shopping you just need:

1.) Coconut shells(2).

2.)M-Seal (silpikar)

3.)Acrylic Paints

4.)Sand paper (available in electronic store)

5.)Wood Varnish

6.)Glass bottle cap

Just simple and easily available materials:-)

Now our work starts ,get 2 coconut shells (your mom can help you on this) and dry them off for a day,to pull out those rusts on the top u can use sand paper it makes your shell smooth. On smoothening apply some varnish coat so that your work will be preserved over years.

Now place the shells one above the other and if u find any gaps u can fill it up with clay for smooth regular surface.Here i took a shells from single coconut and so i dont find any gaps between them. For base, i used a waste glass bottle cap and sealed it with shells using some clay and on top i made a tomb like structure using clay for decorative purpose (can use bells that are readily available in markets).

Step 2: Step 2:Coloring

Allow the shells to dry for a day and now start coloring i thought of making a nest (make your own designs depending on requirement)and so i made a greenery theme and placed a bird with artificial plants.

U can even attach a zip between the shells and make a jewellery box with lock ...It would be a fabulous gift for your beloved ones. Hope this post would be of great help for gifting your special ones.

Thank you for stopping by happy day.....!