Coconut Tree Plastic Holder




Introduction: Coconut Tree Plastic Holder

This reused product is out of plastic bottle. I have come up to this idea from the jeep that I rode on my way home. He reused plastic bottle for his coins. This coconut tree plastic holder can be used as coin bank, pen holder or candle holder. 

Step 1: Materials Used

The materials that I used are:
1.5 L softdrinks bottle
Green Marker
Barbeque Stick
Brown Art Paper

Step 2: Forming the Holder and the Trunk

1. Cut the plastic bottle leaving the bottom part and the back part.
2. Form the trunk.
3. Tape the barbecue stick on the formed trunk so it will not be bendable. 
4. Wrap the trunk with brown art paper.

Step 3: Finishing

1. Form the leaves using the remains of the used plastic bottle.
2. Cut the sides to have your design for the leaves.
3. Color it with green marker.
4. Stick the leaves to the trunk using rugby than glue or paste. 

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Rubber cement is very flammable and a plastic bottle is not a safe candle holder... it seems important to point that out. Nice project otherwise though, it looks great as a pen holder!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    thank you very much for that constructive criticism =) your point is right but as you can see, the candle has an aluminum support so the flame doesn't reach the battle even the drops from the candle wax. but thank you very much =)