Introduction: Coffee Kova

Hi Guys,

This is a Coffee Kova by using coffee powder to make an exotic and delicious coffee Kova.

Simple and Easy to do.

Step 1: Main Ingredients

1: Coffee Power (1/4 Cup)

2: Milk (1 Litter )

3: Sugar (1/2)

Step 2: Process

Take the milk and pour it into a large pan or vessel and put it into the high temperature and bubbling around the edges at the time to reduce the temperature.

This is a time-consuming process.

If the temperature is reduced you should be stirring often until liquid milk turns into semi-solid at the time you should add sugar and instant coffee powder.

Step 3: Presentation

After adding the coffee powder and sugar, you should be stirring evenly to avoid the formation of the burning layer from the pan.

Liquid Milk turns into the solid form after adding the coffee power then you can get delicious Coffee Kova, It in between solid and semisolid form at the time you should switch off the stove to remove the pan and you do the plating.

Finally plating the Coffee Kova.

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