Introduction: Coffee River Table

Cheap and simple coffee table inspired by river i've made using hand tools and angle grinder.

Step 1: Choose Wood

You should choose wood that has a bark on both sides.

Step 2: Cutting and Polishing Pieces

Remove with hammer and chisel or spatula, cut wood to square and cut it in half by length with circular saw. Polish cutted woods with angle grinder sanding disc that i used is 80 grit.

Step 3: Connecting Cutted Pieces

Connect pieces of wood with cookie and wood glue. Make a riverbed with angle grinder or router. You can do the riverbed easily with CNC mashine more precisely, i don't haveone, so i used angle grinder and hand tools.

Step 4: Table Legs

Material for legs:

6 pieces of 6mm thick steel rod 70 cm long

4 plates of metal sheet 1 mm thick

8 screws for wood 16mm long

Bend the rods using vice, hammer and you hands.

Weld the bent rods to each other as showed on pictures.Weld metal sheets on end of the rods and connect them with screws to wood.

Step 5: Candle Holder

Build candle holder from piece of wood and glue it to central rod. Secure it with two screws as showed on picture.

Step 6: Cutting Glass for River

Cut your glass carefully, You should first try with scrap glass if you haven't cut glass sheet yet like me, because you'll probably break it. After several failed attempts to cut glass properly i decided to buy transparent acrylic and cut it with jigsaw which is way more easier. You can also do the cut with CNC mashine, or with bandsaw.

Step 7: Apply Blue Film on Cutted Glass

Apply blue (or any other film) film on acrylic sheet, use credit card to even the surface and get rid of air bubbles, and enjoy.

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