Introduction: Coin and Leather Wrap Bracelet

I recently took a trip and bought a cool leather wrap bracelet. The metal clasp was handmade with silver, but I thought it would be cool to use one of the coins from my travels to create the clasp on my own unique version.



leather scraps


eyelets (optional)

jeweler's saw

permanent marker

masking tape

scrap wood block

box cutter, X-acto knife, or rotary cutter

cutting mat




small files

Step 1: Mark Holes

Use a permanent marker to mark the holes. You'll need two large holes for the leather to thread through and one small hole for the leather for attaching to the end of the strap.

Step 2: Drill

Tape the coin to a piece of scrap wood with one of the marked holes visible.

Drill at least one hole inside your marks. I chose to drill two holes for less sawing later.

Shift the coin on the board, re-tape, and continue to drill until you've got at least one hole inside each mark.

Step 3: Saw

Thread the saw blade into one of your holes and reattach it to the saw.

Tape the coin to the edge of your board and clamp the coin and board to your work surface.

Cut along the edge of your marks.

Step 4: File

File the edges of your holes to smooth and remove barbs left from sawing.

Step 5: Cut Leather

Cut strips of leather. The bracelet I bought had one large strip of leather, but I didn't have any pieces long enough. I decided to cut small scraps and piece them together.

Each piece should be the same width.

Step 6: Rivets and Eyelets

Punch holes in the ends of the leather strips with a leather punch where they will attach together. Remember that one end will be attached to the coin and another piece will be on the end, so don't punch holes in all of them.

Wrap one end of the leather through the small hole in your coin and use a rivet or eyelet to fasten it on.

I added eyelets purely for style.

Step 7: Enjoy

Place the coin on the top of your wrist, wrap the leather around and thread the end through the large holes in the coin.

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