Introduction: Cole: How to Make Boneless Hot Wings

This instructable will teach you how to make wonderfully magically deliciously boneless  wings!?

Step 1: Buy the Suplies

Go to your local grocery store and buy these items: Tabasco/louisiana hotsauce, butter,vinegar, chicken breast, flour, and vegetable oil. To make the sauce you will need 1/3 cup hotsauce, 1/4 cup butter, and 2 tbsp of vinegar. Also if you dont want to make a wing sauce or already have it in a bottle u can use that.

Step 2: Vegetable Oil

pour vegetable oil in a frying pot and heat to medium-medium low (I dont know actual temperatures but for my stove its inbetween these).

Step 3: Chicken + Flour

To get started get some flour in a bowl. Next cut ur chicken up and put it in some sort of container and fill that with some water. Also get tongs and when the oil is bubbling or if its make a decent amount of noise roll the chicken in the flour and place it in the oil. Dont put to much chicken in there at once but put about 6-9 pieces in depending on size to.

Step 4: How Long to Cook For

Once the chicken is placed in the pot wait till its getting golden if ur going to bake these wings let them be just a little golden. after seeing if there ready to take out or not use a spoon and remove after cooking all the wings turn off the stove and push back the pot.

Step 5: Take Wings Out

Once you have the wings you can pour sauce on them now or u can bake them in this picture im going bake them as u can see they are not fully golden.

Step 6: Grab Dish

take something to bake your wings on out place your wings on this or you can put tinfoil on if you dont want to clean the dish. Also start preheating the oven and set the temperature to about 375 degrees.

Step 7: Place Wings

Put the wings on place them evenly apart enough so that they are all not touching.

Step 8: Baking

place in stove once the oven is at 375 degrees keep it in for 15-30 minutes depending on how crispy you want them to be and u could also flip them once in a whill to evenly back them.

Step 9: Mixing It Up

once they are done baking or if u didnt bake put them in any bowl and pour your hotwing sauce on this mix till all wings are covered evenly add more sauce if you like more sauce.

Step 10: Ready to Eat!!

Once your done putting sauce on your wings put them out on a plate and they are ready to be served and eaten YUM!!