Introduction: Collapsable Bo Staff Ultra Light Weight (adjustable Lenght)

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Hi everyone, and specially "staffers"! Do you still have your old TV?

This is very simple tutorial covers how to make this very light (and fragile) staff for travelling.

I recommend to practice with it veeeeery slowly. It feels like you don't have anything in your hands, so use it wisely and do not spin too fast. I'm using it mostly for practicing stances and just spinning for fun.

Update: Just finished something that protects it from bending in your suitcase.. tutorial here:


-Material: propably aluminium

-Lenght: min 26 cm --- max: almost 2 meters!

-Weight: like..nothing. (50 grams!)

Stuff you'll need:

-2 antena rods

-sticky tape


-aluminium pipe

-reflective material (knobs)

-2 crews

Stuff you don't need, but it's nice to have it:

-steel pin

-piece of leather/eco leather

-gold color

Tools you'll need to use:

-a drill

-a hacksaw


-super glue

Step 1: Antena

Ok step one... Take your antena and remove the plastic which holds it together if there is one,so you get just steel rods (25cm long collapsed,85 cm is it's max lenght)

You will need a hole at the end of the rod (3-4 mm diameter)

If you got it without the hole, just fill the end with a hot glue or wood and drill it.

Step 2: Tubing

Now you'll need any tube like this one (mine is about 1 cm diameter, and about 5 cm long), which will hold those those two antena rods together. This is a body from a laser pointer. It is made from aluminium, but there is no need to run to a store for that. If you are skilled a little bit you can use wood, plastic, steel, or cut a coke can and wrap it few times around then secure it with a sticky tape.

Aaand drill two holes all the way through like i did. (3-4 mm diameter) and file any sharp edges.

Step 3: Velcro Holder

Take a piece of velcro (smooth part), wrap it around the aluminium pipe and cut off the rest, so it fits nicely.

Make two holes into it and put there crews. Now, take the scrapy part (yes my english needs get better i know:D)

and put it over those crews, it will secure them. Wrap it around again and cut off the rest. I personally used also a superglue to hold velcros together.

Step 4: Fitting

Almost done. Wrap a sticky take around rods next to holes. Just enough to fit it inside the tube so it holds tight.

Step 5: Esthetics

For other ends,I used these "knobs" . Think they are wheels from that tiny skateboard you play with youre fingers. It doesn't mattter, just choose light reflective material,so you can see it well.It is important for not only safety but of course you will be able to see exactly where the staff is. (you can also use some glow in the dark stuff)

Attach them with the super glue. (piece of a fabric can help to fill the gaps)

Glue two strips of a black eco leather next to the velcro.

And finally glue the pin to the velcro (just a head) and paint it gold.

I think that's all. Take care guys, spin carefully and if you found something stupid in this tutorial just let me know :))