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Welcome to my Project. Today we make a model house of concrete using bars and cement concrete.

To make this model you need soil, sand, cement, water, PVC sheet and wood.

Watch the upper video for batter explanation.

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Step 1: Making Footing of House

For making a stable house to the earth we need to make proper footing for a house.

Then we make column and plinth for the house.

To make footing we need bars. So cut some pieces of bars in length of 7cm.

Then bend this bars from both sides for making footing grill.

Step 2: Making Footing Grill.

To make proper footing grill use cardboard sheet and place hole where we want to place bars.

Then place all bars vertically and horizontally with maintaining some space between two bars. Then join all bars with less dia thread bar. After making footing grill remove out from the cardboard sheet.

Step 3: Making Column Rebars

To make footing we want to join column with this footing at the same time of the concrete procedure.

To make column cut main bars and bend to make in shape of the square in eraser.

Then passes these bars through eraser like a pic.

The square size of column bars is 1.2 cm X 1.2 CM

Step 4: Making Stirrup

To make Stirrup for column cut bars in length of 7 cm.

Then bend all bars in square shape like pic using a sqare mold.

Then remove Square mold and your stirrup bar is ready.

Step 5: Joint Column Bars and Stirrup Bars

Pass All stirrup bars through column bars and joint both bars at a bend with maintaining some space.

Then remove the eraser from column bars. I Maintain 1.5 cm between two Stirrup bars.

Then joint column and footing grill using thread material.

Step 6: Making Earth

Excavation procedure for foundation construction requires site clearance, setting out, excavation and safety measures based on the depth of excavation.

Here we have not any earth so we need to make miniature earth soil in a wooden rectangle.

For this, we need to make a rectangle in size 23 X 15 cm from the inner part.

Then place mold for excavation of footing and place soil and press using some weight.

After this, all procedure leveling and clean the site.

Then remove plastic mold from soil carefully and place column inside this.

Step 7: Making 2:1 Mortar

If you complete this all steps carefully then you need to make concrete for footing to plinth level.

To make 2:1 mortar take 2 portion sand and 1 portion cement in any box.

Then add some water in the middle of the mixer of sand and cement.

Then mix this material perfectly using a spoon.

Step 8: Column Concrete Pouring

After this mixing, pouring mortar inside dig of footing without any time waste.

You need to make sure pouring mortar without any air space.

After this level this surface using a trowel. I make mini trowel at home like in the picture.

After leveling surface make this footing for a set. It takes around 6 hours to get 50% strength and 7 days for 90% strength.

This is the first part of our project so please watch the 1st video to get a better idea.

Step 9: Making Plinth Beam Reinforcement

To make plinth beam we need to make first of all reinforcement for great strength.

Our size of the rectangle is 23 X 15 cm so cut 4 no. of 23 cm long main steel bars and bend from the middle like a pic.

Then passes these bars through column like a pic.

Then passes stirrup through this four bars and join using thread with maintaining some space.

Step 10: Making Reinforcement of Plinth Beam

Now you need to make y-axis of plinth beam reinforcement.

To make this out you need to cut four bars and make like a pic.

Step 11: Formwork

We make PVC sheet formwork for beam and column.

To make first of all cut PVC Sheet strips of width 2.5 cm.

We making 2.5 X 2.5 cm column and beam.

Then combine 2 strip of pvc sheet strip using small Nails like a pic.

Then set all formwork around the plinth beam and column.

Step 12: Pouring Concrete

After this make 1:1 portion of cement and sand concrete and mix properly.

Without any time waste just pour this concrete first of all plinth beam without any air space.

After this all level this concrete using plain surface.

Then pour concrete in column perfectly pressing with a wooden stick.

Step 13: Removing Formwork

After this take some time (6 hours) for set concrete.

After 6 hours remove formwork carefully one by one of column and plinth beam.

Give some water 2-3 days for increase strength of concrete.

Now your mini house model beam and column is ready. In the next part, we perform bricklaying.

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