Introduction: Moon Phases Wall Art

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Hello, in this instructable, I will show you how I made the moon phases wall art. I took astronomy a few semesters ago, and there is so much that goes on in outer space that I just find so interesting. This craft does not take very long to make, so follow along with me :)


The supplies you will need: (sorry the picture is upside down)

Cardboard (I recycled a pizza box)

Exacto knife



A writing utencil

Yarn (in the picture i have shown a spool of string that I later decided not to use)

Paint (the picture shows black but you need white too)

Paint brush

tape (not s


Scissors (not shown)

100 grit sand paper (also not shown

Step 1: Tracing Your Circles

First, I traced 4 circles with my compass on to the cardboard. I set my compass to be a 1 1/2 inch radius.

Step 2: Cut Them Out

Next, I cut the four circles out with an exacto knife. I cleasned up the edges with some scissors.

Step 3: Cut Your Phases

After cutting out the circles, I used my marker to mark where I was going to cut the phases. Then i cut them out with the exacto knife. I used scissors to clean up the edges, and i used 100 grit sand paper along the edges to give it a smoother look.

Step 4: Paint Them

There are two painting steps, the first step is just paint all of them white and let it completely dry

Step 5: Paint Some More

After the first coat is fully dry, mix a small amount of black with a lot of white to make a feint light grey, and paint streaks of grey on the phases.

Step 6: Add Your String

Finally, cut a piece of yarn, I did not measure it, i just used my best judgement, and then tape the phases anout two inches apart to the string. Your wall art is finished :)

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