Introduction: Contour & Highlight Like Kim Kardashian

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1. As always you are going to want to apply a primer and your foundation.

2. Then with a cream contour a few shades darker then your skin tone you are going to want to carve out your face. You are going to need to place this around your forehead, jawline, under the lower lip, nose and your cheek bones. You find the hollows of your cheek bones by feeling around or placing a brush from the top of your ear to your lip.

3. Then with a shade a few shades lighter you are going to want to apply this on the bridge of your nose, forehead, chin, under the contoured cheeks and in a triangular shape under the eyes.

4. Then with a beauty blender blend the lighter shades out and with a brush blend the darker shade. Use 2 different brushed as this with help the blending as you don't want to mix all the colours into one.

5. You can leave it like this or can go further by setting everything with powder. First with a setting powder apply this to the lighter shade and leave it there so it can bake. This stops it from creasing.

6. Then with a bronzing powder apply this to where you contoured.

7. Then with a foundation brush blend all this out making sure there are no harsh lines.

Then go on a finish your makeup look and you now have the makeup of a celebrity.