Introduction: Controlling 6 Powerful LASER Pointers With ARDUINO Easy

I would like to show you how you can easily control up to 6 laser pointers with multifunctional POWER SHIELD 6+6T800 for Arduino from V-VTECH.

Used parts:

1 unit Arduino UNO, MEGA, NANO *could be any this type board

1 unit Mutifunctional POWER SHIELD 6+6T800 for Arduino

2 units AC/DC 3-12V (variable or fixed - see shematic) 2A *could be higher power - depend from lasers

6 units Laser pointers etc., green 400mA *could be higher power

1unit jumper for wires

1m Some wires

1unit Safety glasses *for safety

Step 1: Schematic and Wiring

Disassemble each laser pointers and solder wires to (+ to case, - to spring) of laser pointer. Add some hot glues avoiding short circuit of circuit.

Do wiring like in schematic.

Atention! Always wear right safety glasses - avoiding laser beam injuries!!!

Step 2: Upload Sketch From Attachemnt or V-vTech

Download sketches from v-vTech and upload simple or advanced version.

Atention! Always wear right safety glasses - avoiding laser beam injuries!!!

Step 3: Results


1. See one video how it is working and how power is changing of outputs.

2. Please see video how beams looks like on my garage doors.

3. How it looks at night.

You can also use it for etc., home, garden decoration, build escape room, light traps and so on. Also with two shield - you cen get up to 12 channels.

More info

Step 4: Update for Freaquancy Controll of Lasers

If you want controu frequency of each laser - you can use instred of Arduino UNO --> Adafruit METRO M0 Express board (PN Adafruit: 3505) or similar. And with pyhton simple proframing - program freaquency 0..5MHz of all PWM channels. Python code is in attachment.