Introduction: High Power (5-60A) Car's GLOWPLUG Heating With Arduino

In this project you will see how easilly you can controll glowplug with PWM and Arduino controller

Used parts:

Glowplug or similar element 5-60A 1unit *depend form model

Arduino controller 1unit

Multifunctional POWER SHIELD 6+6 T800 (PN: B100005) for Arduino 1 unit

AC/DC 12V 5-60A 1unit *depend form glowplug power

Some wires

Step 1: Wiring

Do wiring like in schematic. Solder wires with powerful soldering station at each glow plug terminal. At this case used only 2 channels from 6. So maximum with one board you can control up to 3 glowplugs, but with two stacked power shields boards you can controll up to 6 heating elements.

Step 2: Programming

Upload sketch from or attachment

Step 3: Results

And see how glowplug is fading.

Also you can make feedback or control other things like Nicrom wire and so on.