Introduction: Remote Controlable LED Grenade 6x100-150W

DIY project how you can make amazing remote controllable device of 6x100-150W powerful LED's lightning, flash bang or electronic grenade.

Step 1: Components

Component list:

1. Arduino UNO board

2. Multifunctional POWER SHIELD 6+6 T800 for Arduino from v-vTech,com

3. Remote key + transmitter 433MHz

4. Metal elements: 6 units of 100x100x2mm copper sheets, 6 corners, 4 armature (for metal rings), bolts

5. 10x rechargeable lithium cells 3.7V 18650, 9x battery cells holders (18650), insulators

6. Re settable fuse 10-15A (depend from LED'ss), switch (OPTIONAL)

7. 6x100W LED or similar

8. 6x power resistors (OPTIONAL)

9. Other materials: hot glue, solder, wires, tape, cooling paste

Step 2: Mechanical Construction Praparation

Assemble 10 battery cells holder in series, mark each cell location avoiding confusion and check voltage with multi meter after connection in series, you should get 3 wires with two potentials: one 18-21V for powering Multi functional POWER SHIELD 6+6 T800 (maximum input up to 32V MAX), two for 36- 42V for powering LED's positive terminals.

Also it is recommended to put on POWER SHIELD input capacitor with parameters 2200uF/35V.

Step 3: LED's Assembly

Fix 6x100-150W LEDs with bolts and cooling paste

Solder wires ~15cm. and feed trough drilled holes into the center of cube.

Fix 4 corners.

Step 4: Frame Assembly

Assemble 5 sides of cube and drill hole for re-settable fuse.

Step 5: Schematic and Wiring

Do wiring by schematic with appropriate wire sizes.

NOTE: resistor values depend on used LED. But normally it is recommended can use, 6x 0.47Ω @ 2…5W resistors or you can connect without it but working should be in pulse mode only.

See more information on web site.

Step 6: Programming

Program of LED CUBE is written to show working in 4 regimes:

1. Remote controlled light of 6 leds

2. Dimming distraction light of 6 leds

3. Shock light at max power of 6 leds

4. Lightning LED (low power) of 1 LED

Compile code and uploading sketch with Arduino IDE and with remote controller test all regimes.

Step 7: Full Assembly

Closing LED CUBE box and add rings if you want rotation effect on a ground (optional - see video in next step with it).

Step 8: Demonstration

Final demonstration with huge amount of light: 1000...10000 lumen's.

For safety please use good sun glasses or other solutions.

P.s. or if you want to buy full kit go to ebay

Good luck!