Introduction: Convert Your Toilet Into a Modern Bidet Sprayer for £36.00 a Hygiene Solution Everyone Should Adopt!

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Toilet Paper is Not Your Best Hygiene Choice! Saying No To Toilet Paper and Improving Your Hygiene is Easy and Costs Next to Nothing when you convert your existing toilet into a modern bidet sprayer toilet.
There are many bidet adapters on the market to suit everyone's pocket, ranging from an all bells and whistles digital experience with warm air blow dry and front and rear jets. Some include a toilet seat, while others, including this one, will bolt underneath your existing toilet seat and with very little effort can be coupled up to your washbasin pipework using supplied nylon adapters.

From start to finish including filming this video took less than one hour. This simple gadget helps to prevent infections, provides a level of personal hygiene equivalent to taking a shower each time you use the toilet and saves you money that would normally be spent on toilet rolls, wet wipes and female freshening products. Not convinced? Think about this for a minute: "Instead of smearing excrement around your derriere with expensive toilet paper, which is unhygienic to say the least, you can experience a warm water jet cleans and feel fresh and clean when you leave the bathroom. You will of course need to have a small flannel towel for drying yourself but unlike the sacrificial toilet paper products and chemical arsenals, these can be washed and re-used time and time again. And if you really want to determine how hygienic toilet paper use is. Smell your fingers the next time you wipe your butt with toilet paper! The real winners from these great inventions will be people with poor mobility. For many even turning around to clean themselves becomes impossible and frustrating. Furthermore having someone clean you is embarrassing. These bidet's should be fitted as standard in every home where a person has poor mobility. My question is what are you waiting for?

Add to this the Incredible Environmental Costs of Toilet Paper. On an annual basis in the US, estimates range as high as... 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper used resulting in... 15 million trees pulped... 474 billion gallons of water consumed to produce the paper... 253,000 tons of chlorine applied in the bleaching process... 17.3 terawatts of electricity wasted No other species except us would come up with such an insane waste of our planets limited resources to merely wipe our pathetic back sides. ...the average person uses 57 sheets of toilet paper per day. A typical brand's 12-pack retails for $6.99 and has 352 sheets per roll, This should last a family of four about 18 to 19 days. That means that family needs to buy a 12-pack about 20 times per year, putting the annual toilet-tissue costs around $140. UK toilet tissue paper costs has shown that we pay £140.

I for one will never purchase another toilet roll. How about you?

Step 1: Hopefully Your Bidet Will Come With Some Instructions

Before you order your Bidet fitting. Read the measurements and list the important ones for comparison to your toilet site. My toilet is fairly close to the wall, hence I chose this type of bidet.
However, the procedure should pretty much be the same with most of this type of bidet fitting.

I never looked at the instructions :)

Step 2: Remove or Replace Your Existing Toilet Lid and Seat

The bolts that fix the seat in place are usually either top mounted with a threaded screw from the top, or fixed by either nylon or metal nuts on the underside of the toilet pan. These will need to be removed in order for the bidet to be fitted.
Your new bidet should come with T adapters, small bore plastic tubing and relevant connectors and reducers.

Step 3: Locate the Water Isolator Valves and Turn Off

These may be under the wash basin, or you may need to locate the main stop cock for your home if you can't locate a stop valve closer. Place a towel or a container such as a bucket under disconnected pipework to drain residual water.

Step 4: Offer Up the New Bidet and Refit the Toilet Seat and Lid

The new bidet should fit the holes that take the seat hinges in your toilet pan if your measurements were correct when you ordered it. I measured the distance between the two holes and the distance from the holes to the front of the toilet and from the holes to the wall an the right hand side while seated. The type of seat I fitted has release buttons to remove the seat and lid together for ease of cleaning. The bidet came with the small bore pipe already fitted to the bidet end.

Step 5: With the Water Turned Off Disconnect the Flexible Hoses From the Taps

You will most likely need a plumbers basin wrench as shown to unscrew the existing fittings

Step 6: Fit the T Connectors to the Small Bore Pipe and the Flexible Hose

Connect the flexible hose to the T connector and tighten with a spanner or water pump pliers, taking care not to over tighten the nylon threads. Connect the small bore pipe with your hands firmly and refit to the bottom of the bathroom taps.

My cold water fitting was easy because it had a connector at the tap for my water filter. The hot pipe however was fitted as explained here.

Turn on the isolator stop valves or your main stop cock valve to the home. Check for leaks and make adjustments should you find any leaks. I didn't find any.

Your new bidet should be working fine now. Please check the video at step one to see the full installation.

Hope you found this useful. We are very pleased with our new Bidet and even more pleased that we have the very best hygiene and don't waste money on toilet paper any more.