Introduction: Convert a Spoon Into a Spork & Knife

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This instructable will show you how to convert a cheap stainless steel spoon into a spork & knife. From top to bottom, it has fork prongs, a spoon bowel, and finally the handle has been sharpened to act as a knife.

The motivation? This instrument and a large soup bowl are practically the two most useful utensils that I use at work since my employer offers free cereal and fruit.

Step 1: Create the Outline

In this step, you will need to use a fine tip sharpie, masking tape, and a measurement instrument to create the prong outline.
  1. Mark a line for where to begin the prongs.
  2. Mark another line for where to end the prongs.
  3. Divide the prong/pointy line into three equally spaced segments.
  4. Divide the terminal line into four equally spaced segments.
  5. Draw in the prongs using masking tape as a guide.
  6. Fill in the negative with color.
You may be tempted to create a different number of prongs. I tried it and it looked REALLY ugly so your mileage may vary.

Step 2: Cut Prongs

In this step, cut and finish the prongs:
  1. Using an abrasive cutting wheel, cut the prongs per the outline.
  2. Hold the spoon in a vice/clamp to sand the rough edges with a small sheet of sand paper.

Step 3: Sharpen Handle

This step is optional and somewhat risky. It's easy to cut yourself with a sharp handle. In normal use, I haven't done it, but while cleaning I have.
  1. Sharpen with a sanding stone.
  2. Use fine sandpaper to give a nicer edge.
Also pictured is some bolillo bread (individual french bread?) cut with the following (from left to right):
  1. Sharpened Handle
  2. Blunt Handle
  3. Butter Knife
  4. Regular Sharpened Knife

Step 4: More Performance

Here are some more pictures being used on an apple: