Introduction: Convert Your QWERTY Keyboard Into CYRLLIC (Для Россиян) WINDOWS or ANDROID

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This is a very simple tutorial for the ones want to convert their (actually any) keyboards into a Russian/Cyrillic keyboard. What we're going to do is not a permanent application and you can switch back to the original keyboard settings at any time you want or need to use.

The first thing you need to do is to buy Cyrillic stickers for your keyboard from an online store like ebay or your local office store. There you'll find transparent or regular keyboard stickers, and as you can guess you need to purchase the transparent ones always!

The color choices follows like: red, yellow, blue, black, green, grey. And as for me, choose the similar color of the color of of your keyboard letters so that they wont look too flashy awkward. (grey-black, orange-red..)

Besides, you'll only need a tweezer.

Step 1: Preperation

Windows Users

Control Panel >> Region and Language >> Keyboards and Languages >> "click" Change Keyboards >> "click" Add >> "choose" Russian (Russia) >> "tick" Russian >> "click" OK >> "go to desktop and find the language bar on the right side of your taskbar" >> "click" EN (or the abbreviation of your language) >>"select" RU Russian (Russia)

now open a software you can type like notepad and test it..

Android Users (before connecting a Bluetooth keyboard)

Settings >> Language and Input >> Keyboard and Input Methods >> International keyboard >> Writing Languages >> "tick" Russiam (RU) >> "tap" OK

now open an application you can type like watsapp and change the language from the on screen keyboard.. to do this find the "send" button and tap on the EN (or your language abbreviation) to switch RU.. now connect your bluetooth keyboard and test it..

Step 2: Placing Stickers

Now you know what button actually stands for.. Its much easier now to place the stickers correctly.

Clean your keyboard with alcohol and let it dry out before application. Simply use tweezers to place each sticker after you test every single letter..

Step 3: Finalize

Grab a clean A4 paper and gently rub the keys to make sure the stickers are firmly stuck.


Step 4: Additional Info

Don't forget that you can restore your settings in any time you want. hope this helps)