Introduction: Grooved Stepping Stones With Lighting Construction

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As many of us know that there are zillions of stepping stone molds sold out in ebay. These are mostly latex molds with pretty good patterns, but there are also metal molds available which might be extra expensive when you consider the shipping cost due to the weight issue. So.. latex always rules, because its flexible, reusable and very light.

Within all these bulk of stepping stone molds in ebay which one would be the best to use? Well, choosing so challenging when you think about the shape you want to buy will be under your feet everytime you pass through. And if it starts to irritate you after some time, then its not the best option for you, and unfortunately it might be too late when you think that is. So, my idea is buying a mold with unsophisticated decorations. But even you want to buy an attractive one, then you may type "celtic" , "celtic mold" in your google or ebay searches.

Step 1: Molding

Our project is making a stepping stone pathway with lighting features. I've  purchased 4 water-proof glass garden lighting from Lowe's store in my neighborhood. I choosed the most suitable one for the stepping stone integration which i thought to use in every middle of my stepping stones. So i tried to buy a lamb with a thick & durable glass cover.

Also we need WD-40 or any rust remover spray. This is critically important. You can buy 2 packs of ready daub mixture (sand+cement). That'll be much easier to use, if you hate mixing dusts like a labour.

Step 2:

For the lighting mechanism, youll need about 3 or 4 metres cable, hard cable cover suitable for garden uses, silicone gun, electric tape, a regulator again suitable for garden uses which can take up 4 halogen lamps from 25-30 watts. So my suggestion is to buy a regulator from a yachts store whenever you need a lighting regulating thing in your garden.

Step 3:

Now... the first thing we may start to do is filling our molds. Its pretty logical when you need many of those stones fully dried. Spray inside of the mold, and place your another small round mold covered with stretch film in the center. Have a mold big enough for the center that the ground light can pass through the hole. Fill , shake a little, control the center molds' place, then leave it to be dried off. Remove the mold carefully after 24 hours and leave under the sun light.

Step 4:

Next thing is electric mechanism.. Place your regulator in a waterproof box, and mount inside of your garden locker as well as placing a switch for on/off. Distribute the cable under the ground with the hard cable pipes. Measure, dig&place your garden lambs, connect electric, and finally use electric tape & silicone to secure.
Finally, place your stepping stones onto the soft soil. There you are!

* mount reosta on to the line for better and intimate lighting