Introduction: Copper Bracelet

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Friends am gonna show you how to make a stylish copper bracelet, and this copper has capacity to absorb positive vibrations. if you wanna know more just google it about wearing the uses of copper bracelet.

i took the copper wire from my waste Computer UPS transformer. and you can get it from any hardware shops.

Am gonna use all the supplies which is available in our home so that any one can make it.


1, Thick copper wire

2, Steel rod

3, Nose pliers and cutting pliers

4, half lemon for making it shiny

Step 1: Items Required

very simple and basic items to make sure every one can able to do this at home by themself.

Step 2: Making Small Circles Using Steel Rod

with the use of Steel rod wrap the copper wire around the rod as shown in the image.

as copper is flexible material we can just wrap the copper wire in rod by our hand.

Step 3: Remove the Coil From Steel Rod

Once you have wrapped the copper wire in rod as per your requirement you can now remove the copper coil from the rod as shown in figure.

Step 4: Cut the Copper Coil

With the Help of Cutting Pliers Just cut the Copper coils as shown in image.

Make sure that you cut the coil in such a way that,each small ring looks like a circle.

Step 5: Open and Close Point of Copper Rings

In the above image you can see how i have opened and closed the Copper rings and this is the main process of making the bracelet.

with the help of nose pliers hold the two end point of copper ring and just slowly bend and adjust to make sure both end points of ring is straight and there should not be gaps between the ring.

Step 6: Attach All Single Rings to Weave a Bracelet

1, First pick a open copper ring with help of pliers and insert a 2 closed rings inside it and close the Ring with the help of pliers as shown in above image.

Step 7: Repeat the Same Process

Repeat the same process again and again and make sure all copper rings are closed.

make sure it looks like above figure and if you are more creative you can design new weaving method as per your imagination.

Step 8: Making a Hook

1, Once you have weaved the required size of bracelet take another 2.5 m of copper wire and bend that wire with help of nose pliers to look like S as shown in above image.

2, once you made the Hook just attached the Hook with the one end of the bracelet. as shown in second image.

Step 9: Apply Lime Drops to Make It Shiny

Once everything is completed take 2 teaspoon of lime juice and put the bracelet and soak it for 10 minutes in lime juice. and then just squeeze with you hands.

Finally wash the bracelet.

Step 10: Shiny Bracelet From E Waste

This is the final product were i have shown 2 bracelet one with older and other with soaked in lime juice.

you can see the difference between two bracelets.

and now its ready to wear the bracelet. and it looks shiny and stylish.

Hope every one likes it

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