Introduction: Copper Ring With Brazilian Seed

Today we'll teach how to make a ring from copper wires and a brazilian seed, the açaí seed. It's a beautiful gift  you can make up to give away this Holiday Season!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
14" of copper wire nº 18
14" of copper wire nº 20
one açaí seed - we sanded and drilled it before using
one cylinder as thick as your finger (or your friend's finger) - we used a wooden one
one round-nose pliers
one diagonal pliers
one needle nose pliers

Step 2: Making the Base of the Ring

Use the cylinder to curl the copper wire nº18, from its center. Do it twice, for the ring to become more comfortable when wearing. At the end, use the diagonal pliers to adjust the two endings; they must be the same size (about 2" each).

Step 3: Finishing the Base

With the tip of the pliers, mould the ends of the base as triangles, accordingly to the images. At this stage, it can be already used as a ring, but we'll teach now how to set an açaí seed to it, to make it more interesting.

Step 4: Preparation to Set the Seed

Bend the copper wire no20 accordingly to the picture, making square corners. Cut the ends to keep them same size (about 7"). The small part should be large enough to fit the base we already made (see the picture). Join the two parts, like in the picture, then choose one of the ends and bend the wire letting a space between it and the base for the seed to fit; this gap should be half the size of the seed.

Step 5: Setting the Seed

Time to set the seed to the ring. We used a sanded and drilled açaí seed. You can drill it with a flexible shaft drill ("mini-retífica", no Brasil). You can also use other seeds, or beads, or drilled precious stones.
Put the seed into the wire previously bended, then bend it over the base, tying the seed to the base. Cut the end of this wire you just bended, letting about 2/8 inches left, that you will then bend beneath the seed. At the end it will be hidden by the other ending. You can use the needle nose pliers to better lock the seed in place.
Then, with your hands, turn the other ending around the seed until the middle of the seed, then cut the tip of the wire and fold it inwards the seed, to hide it.

Step 6: Final

It's ready!

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