Cosplay Axe - Astrid Httyd 2




Introduction: Cosplay Axe - Astrid Httyd 2

I really really want to see the new How to train your dragon 2 , but I don't want to go alone..

Nevertheless, friend of mine is cosplaying Astrid to my Hiccup and she needs an axe!

So let me show you what you cando with low budget and only on a friday night ^^'

Step 1: Material and Basic Shape

This is foam!
The one I had at home was to big so I cut it in half, but use whatever size you'd like it to be

You sure can use foam to make a lot of armor,weapons and such! Just be sure to have a wooden or plastic core to stabilize everything and prevent it from breaking!


  • a sheet of foam (abou 5cm thick)
  • knives/saw/exacto knive/cutter
  • a pair of scissors
  • a round wood or plastic pipe from you local hardware store as core and handle
  • glue/ hotglue
  • rubber foam
  • spray paint + acrylic paint

...and whatever you'd like for details

first, scretched the axes shape onto the foam.
then cut it and shaped its blades more..k´bladeway XD

Step 2: Smoothing +handle

using a exato knife or cutter to sharpen the axes blades.


I used a 6x100cm round wood as the handle and glued both sides of the axe to it using hot glue


supporting the construction with a little bit of tape! basic shade done

Step 3:

after smoothing and sanding down the styrofoam to a better surface I covert the sides(not the blades) with thinsponge rubber/foam using my hotglue. Just a little support so to speak. (tipp: you can use wood glue to harden the rubber)


added all the details and spray painted 1-2 coats of dark grey paint. Used a sponge and rest of rubber foam to add silver paint and create the effect of raw metal!Make sure to tape everything that's not supposed to be painted

I also handled the axe a bit roughly..I used my scissors and other tools to hit the axe. this way I could make some 'battle scars'/scratches/notches XD


Painted the blades silver-ish and used a dry brush and little little little bit of silver paint to add metallic effects and details.

Step 4: Finished Axe

Finished piece ! Meet Hildegunde

Hope I could help you with this easy and low-budget-tutorial!

For more crafting and cosplay related stuff love,like and comment at Kion Cosplay on fb!
I'd love to see you come around and talk to me ;)

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    c j r p
    c j r p

    5 years ago

    looks really amazing. im gonna make my girlfriend one of these, she loves httyd


    6 years ago

    That looks awesome! Do think you could make a LOTR sword?

    Kion Designs
    Kion Designs

    Reply 6 years ago

    hey luke,
    thank you so much.
    probably... but i'm quiet busy at the moment. so i'm not sure when i could actually to that. but if you need advice or want to brainstorm i'm all in to help.



    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looks great! I think I shall be using your 'able for my cosplay creation. Will post again when plan is executed and prop finished!


    Reply 7 years ago

    I would like to make hiccups sheild but i cant find an online that are easy do you have any ideas


    8 years ago

    As always, so well done!