Introduction: Cow Halloween Costume for Small Stuffed Animals

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I started making stuffed animal clothes out of felt, and came up with awesome creations. You can make a bat costume by using pointy ears and wings[just fold some felt in half and cut out wings and sew them on] i just cut the skirt cool. Make a cat by using cat ears.

Step 1: Get Out All the Things You Need

If you get out all the things you need first, you won't have to run around, getting stuff you need the whole time. You need black felt, cow spots felt{If you can't find that, just sew black felt cow spots on a piece of white felt ] a piece of clothing from your animal{i used a dress} sewing scissors, and of course, the animal so you can try the clothes on it sometimes, if you're not sure you're doing it right.

Step 2: Cut the Skirt

Put down a piece of felt long side down and cut out a rectangle {height is important here} out of the black felt. Make sure the rectangle is longer then the top. If it's not, cut out two. You can cut an interesting edge on the skirt.

Step 3: Cut Out the Top

Measure the top of your animals example outfit, and put it on the felt and cut it out.

Step 4: Cut Arm Holes

Put the example dress on the top part and cut out the arm holes by making slits and the cutting a circle.

Step 5: Cut Slits

Cut out slits in the right and left corners, so you can tie it.Make the ribbon from black felt. Just cut out a strand.

Step 6: Make the Cow Ears

Cut out a strand of cow felt, or two if your animal have a big head. Measure it around you're animals head and make sure it is too big. Cut out two cow ears about the same size as you're animals ears.

Step 7: Sew the Cow Dress

Sew on the black rectangle onto the top like a skirt. Fold and sew. If you're dress is about or the same length as mine, start sewing the skirt a little bit beside the armholes. Cut out two rectangles of felt if you're dress is pretty big.

Step 8: Thread the Ribbon Through the Slits

Put in the ribbon you made into the slits in the corners once you put the dress on the animal.

Step 9: Sew the Cow Ears

Put the ears on the sides where the animals ears are. Sew and tie around you're animals head.

Step 10: Examples of What You Can Make

You can make these creations too, With a border with a strand of felt, or long sleeves of even a shirt! Make sleeves by cutting a good sized square of felt, a good size for you're animals arms. Turn it inside out and sew the side shut, then sew it to the inside of the dress.