Introduction: Cowl-Neck Sweater From Fleece Blanket

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a comfy sweater with a cowl out of one of those fleece blankets I'm sure you have lying about the house. The large cowl in this sweater has a nice, draped effect, and also doubles as a hood.

Fleece is a great, easy fabric to work with in the winter because it is warm, cozy, and does not need to be hemmed.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Fleece Blanket - (mine was 55" by 48")
Ruler or Measuring Tape
White Chalk Pencil
Sewing Machine

Step 2: Cutting Your Fleece Blanket

One of the great things about this tutorial is that it only requires 5 pieces of fabric

My blanket was 55" by 48". I cut the blanket up so that I had two pieces that were 21" by 24", two pieces that were 16" by 22.5", and one piece that was 18" by 41".

Please keep in mind that these dimensions are for my size and preference, and should be adjusted accordingly to your own.

Step 3: The Sleeves

Take your two pieces of fleece which are 16" by 22.5" and pin them together.

At the top, mark 2.5" on both sides, then draw diagonal lines down to the bottom corner.

Cut along these diagonal lines.

Step 4: Sewing the Sleeves

Take your two sleeve pieces and fold them in half.

Pin along the open edge of the sleeves.

Take each sleeve to the sewing machine, and sew where you just pinned.

Step 5: The Shoulders

Take your two pieces of fleece which are 21" by 24" and pin them on top of each other.

At the top, mark 6.5" in on each side of the shoulder.

Step 6: The Neckline

Draw a line that is 11" down from the top. Use that line and those drawn in step 5 to draw a U.

Turn it over and draw a shallow scoop.

Cut out along these 2 lines.

Step 7: Sewing the Shoulders

Sew along the two tops of your fleece to create the shoulders.

Step 8: Installing the Sleeves

Turn the sleeves right-side out.

Pin the sleeves to the body pieces of fleece.

Carefully sew your sleeves.

Step 9: Shaping the Sweater

Mark in 1.5" on the bottom of the sweater on both sides. Draw a curved line from the armpits to connect.

Sew along this curved line, then trim the excess.

Step 10: The Cowl

Taking your 5th and last piece of fleece, join the two ends and pin them together.

Sew along the 18" edge to join.

Step 11: Installing the Cowl

Like how you did with the sleeves, turn the cowl right-side out, and pin inside the neckline. The joined edges of the cowl should be in the middle of the back neckline.

Carefully sew where you pinned the cowl to your sweater.

Step 12: Finished!

And we're done!

Super easy. Feels like you're wearing a blanket. Doubles as a hood.


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