Introduction: Crafts Ideas for Kids : Learn Owl Crafts for Kids

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For my Instructables followers, today with me you can learn how to make a beautiful and creative paper owl. Don’t all children love making paper birds as easy craft ideas? Such easy paper crafts are an amazing way and idea to develop and nurture the creative side of children. Kids craft ideas are available in plenty but, all children have a special love for birds and especially paper Owls!

Learn to make this fantastic paper owl and have fun with your kids.

Step 1: Material You Require.

The best thing of making this easy crafts idea of a paper owl is that it does not require much of expensive supplies. Here is a list of all you need:

Colored paper

Cardboard paper



Crafty glue

Paper Cutter


Step 2: Build Your Craft!

Take the cardboard paper and roll it on a circular object.

When you get a cylindrical shaped roll, wrap it up with a dark green colored paper.

Tuck in to fold the corners of paper, in order to give the roll a shape of an owl.

Step 3: Add the Feathers!

Now take an orange colored paper and fold it 4 times to get layers of paper.

Draw a circle and cut out multiple circles like this.

Take some crafty glue and stick the circles without any space in between them, giving the owl its signature feathery look.

Step 4: Detailing of the Owl.

Give the details of eyes using black and white circular paper.

Add the wings and beak to complete the paper.

Step 5: Your Paper Owl Is Ready!

Make this paper owl as a part of DIY paper projects for kids. Preschool and kindergarten teachers can use this easy paper owl to be used as a teaching aid for effective, easy to understand and creative learning. From the kingdom of paper animals and birds collection, make this fun craft for kids.

Fun and easy crafts for kids like this paper owl are simple craft ideas that are an interactive activity for kids.and parents too!