Crazy Eight Card Trick

Introduction: Crazy Eight Card Trick

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Step 1:

This card trick requires a setup so first pull out all four eights from your deck.

Step 2:

First put one of the eights on the top of your deck.

Step 3:

Now on the top of your deck place an eight in the tenth position.

Step 4:

Now turn the deck and in the 8 and 9 position place the last two eights.

Step 5:

Now start the card trick by saying i am going to make a prediction. Now the tenth card is where one of the eights is so pick that card for your prediction.

Step 6:

Turn the deck face up and say now tell me when to stop and that is where i will cut the deck in half. Make sure that they say stop after you pass the two eights. Cut the deck and make sure that the bottom deck is the first deck to your left. And when you do it place the cards down like shown in the picture.

Step 7:

Now tell them to pick a pile if they pick the first pile say the first card on that pile will tell me how many cards to count from the second pile. If they pick the second pile say the first card on the first pile is going to tell me how many cards to deal out from the second pile. And the first card on the first pile should be the eight. Simply take eight cards from the top and put them in a pile and take the rest of the pile and place that next to the second pile.

Step 8:

Now lift the card from the second pile the third pile and your prediction. They are all eights!

Step 9:

I hope you enjoyed this card trick and please favorite and comment and follow me if you want to see more card tricks. Merry christmas!

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    5 years ago

    i enjoyed it much thank you!


    7 years ago

    Think you could do a video on his Crazy Eight card trick?