The Power of Four Card Trick

Introduction: The Power of Four Card Trick

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Step 1:

First flip the deck over and look at the first four cards saying I'm going to make a prediction. Make sure you remember the fourth card.

Step 2:

Now cut the deck in half and look at the first four cards on the left deck but don't show any one but yourself. Remember that card.

Step 3:

Now whatever the fourth card was in step one will be the prediction you are going to make. In my case it was a jack of spades so on the right deck I am going to the lift up the first four cards saying I predict it will be a jack of spades.

Step 4:

Now put the four cards back and put the left deck on the right deck. Now separate the decks by putting the top deck on the right and the bottom deck on the left.

Step 5:

Now the fourth card on the left deck before will be your prediction for the right deck now. Keep doing this over and over.

Step 6:

I hope this was fun card trick for you so go show it to whoever and please follow me if you want more card tricks. Don't forget to favorite and comment!

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