Introduction: Creamy Pear "Pudding" Cocktail

This instructable shows to make a cocktail with a floating cream top.  While drinking, sip the juice cocktail through the cream top.  The taste of this cocktail is like a nutty pear pudding, and because this is a mixed drink with such a heavy fruit juice, you definitely do not need expensive liquors/liqueurs.  I show how to make a single drink, and it is a fair amount of work for a single drink.  However, this would be a great finishing dessert drink for a party or just to show off a fancy, tasty cocktail to your friends.  At the end, I provide directions on how to make this for 4 people.  This is far from being healthy and should be treated as more of a dessert than a beverage you'll continue to drink all night although it is quite tempting.  It's sweet and creamy but packs a punch.  I came up with the name based on the inclusion of brandy (re: plum pudding), pear juice, and cream.

Note:  I've done this recipe with the idea that not everyone knows a four count pour, doesn't have a Boston shaker, etc. but still has enough kitchen gear to be able to make this drink.

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

-1 pony (1 oz or 2 tbsps) White Brandy
-1 jigger (1.5 oz or 3 tbsps) Amaretto
-Pear Juice (3-4 oz or 1/3-1/4 cup)
-1/8 tsp (or a few drops) Vanilla
-1/4 cup Heavy Cream
-White Chocolate
-Ice (not shown)

-Collins or a Highball Glass
-Large Glass (for chilling)
-Soup Spoon
-Vegetable Peeler
-Liquid Measuring Cup
-Jigger/Pony Combo (or tbsp/tsp set)
-Long stirring spoon/swizzel (or a butter knife)


Step 2: Mix Vanilla and Cream

Add 1/8 tsp Vanilla to 1/4 cup heavy cream and gently stir.

Note:  I don't have a 1/8 tsp, so I approximated it.  It's a few drops of vanilla.


Step 3: Pour Base Ingredients

Pour 1 pony of White Brandy and 1 jigger of Amaretto.

Top with pear juice until glass is 2/3 full.


Step 4: Ice and Strain

Pour mixture into a large glass filled with ice and stir.

Strain mixture back into the Collins/Highball glass once chilled.


Step 5: Top With Vanilla Cream

With a soup spoon against the far side of the glass, carefully pour the vanilla cream mixture onto the back of the spoon so it rides down the side of the glass.

Note:  Cream wants to float, but it's good to be careful.


Step 6: Garnish

Using a vegetable peeler, garnish the top of the drink with curls of white chocolate.

Alternative Garnish:  You can also top with a swirl of caramel or crushed toffee.


Step 7: Alternative Directions for 4 Drinks

To make this for a group of 4 people:

Combine 1 cup Heavy Cream with 1/2 tsp Vanilla, stir, and return to the fridge.

Mix 1/4 cup Brandy, 3/4 cup Amaretto, and 2 cups Pear Juice.  Chill in the fridge.

Pour pear mixture equally between 4 Collins/Highball glasses.

Follow steps 5-6 for each glass.

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