Introduction: Creative Skull Bead Bracelet for Cheap

In this instructable, I will be showing you how to make a creative bracelet while spending close to nothing!

I obtained all of these materials for under $10 off of Ebay, and have a bunch of excess.


1x Piece of waxed string.  - $3.00 for TONS of string.

1x Hanging Charm. ( I used the Kokopelli Man )  - $2.00 for 100 charms

2x Spring Coil Crimp Ends.  - $0.99 for 25 pieces

1x Lobster Clasp.  - $0.99 for 30 pieces

2x 12mm Skull Beads. ( I used the blue skulls )  - $0.99 for 15 pieces

8x 10mm Skull Beads. ( I used the white skulls )  - $0.99 for 10 pieces

10x Guitar String Ball Ends.  - $ Free, I play guitar!

If you don't have old strings laying around to cut the ends off of, just ask a friend, or you can just used something else for the

spacer beads, I just really like how these string ends look!


Small needle-nosed pliers. 

Wire Cutters.

This project is very fast, very easy, and very cheap, yet yields awesome results!

Step 1: Measuring the String, and Tying the First Knot

Step 1:

In order to make sure that there is going to be enough length for this bracelet to sit comfortably, wrap the string around your wrist

once, then add about 2.5 - 3 inches. 

We are adding a little more than what is needed, because you can always trim it later, but you can't add length if it turns out too short.

Step 2:

Bring both ends together, and fold the string in half. The string should now be open at one end, and closed at the other.

Step 3:

Feed the closed end of the string through loop of the Kokopelli charm ( or whichever hanging charm that you chose to use ). This 

will form a loop at the closed end of the string.

Step 4:

Now take the open end of the string and pull them through the loop that was formed in the last step. This is called a "Lark's Head" 

knot. Make sure that both loose ends of the string are right around the same length.

Step 5:

Now pull it tight, and the main step of this bracelet is finished!

Step 2: Cutting Corners

In order to use the guitar string ends, we must remove them from the end of each string. 

Step 1: 

Hold the string with one hand, and use your other hand to cut the piece of wire that is surrounding the brass string end. 

Step 2: 

Immediately throw the cut pieces of guitar string away, except for the brass string end. 

You want to throw these away as soon as you cut them off, because they are easy to lose, but easy to find... in your foot if you step

on it. These pieces are very small and sharp, so you don't want to lose them. 

Step 3: Let the Beads Fly!

In order to get the orientation of the skulls right, all of them will have the top of the skull pointed towards the Kokopelli charm.

Also, remember that you want these beads all to be close together, but do not pull them tight because it will make the bracelet too

rigid and uncomfortable to wear. Just put them on the string, and let them sit where they fit naturally. 

Step 1:

Take one of the larger ( blue ) skulls and string it all the down to the Kokopelli. 

Step 2: 

Next, string one of the guitar string ends all the way down to the large skull.

Step 3: 

Follow the guitar string end with a small skull.

Step 4: 

String another guitar string end.

Step 5: 

Continue stringing small skulls followed by guitar string ends, until you have 4 small skulls and 5 guitar string ends. The last thing 

on the cord should be a guitar string end.

Abbreviations: Large Skull = L, Small Skull = S, Guitar String End = G, Kokopelli = K.

The order should be as follows ( From the middle Kokopelli charm, out ): K, L, G, S, G, S, G, S, G, S, G

Step 6: 

After the last G, tie a normal overhand knot. ( Like tying your shoes, but with only one string. )

Now do it again in the same spot, in order to make the knot bigger. This will ensure that nothing slips off.

Step 4: Same Ol', Same Ol'

Step 1: 

Do the same exact thing, but on the other side of the bracelet. 

This will entail the same order, and these will also have the top of the skulls facing the Kokopelli charm.

The order should be as follows ( From left end to right end of the bracelet): G, S, G, S, G, S, G, S, G, L, K, L, G, S, G, S, G, S, G, S, G. 

Step 5: Getting the Hook Up

Step 1: 

Tie a small overhand knot at the very tip of both ends of the string.

Step 2: 

Place the spring coil over the end of the string. Make sure that the spring coil is covering the knot; this knot will ensure that the spring coil does not slip off. 

Step 3: 

Use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to crimp the end of the spring coil, so that it is squeezing down on the string. 

Step 4: 

Do the same thing to install a spring coil on the other of the bracelet. 

Step 5: 

Choose one side to have the lobster clasp. To install the clasp, simply slip the loop of the clasp onto the loop of the spring coil. 

Step 6: Drum Roll Please!

Now you are finished!

Like I said, very fast, very cheap, very easy, yet still awesome.

I am entering this in the jewelry contest, craft contest, and the Epilog Challenge, so please vote for this project on those. You can bet that if I win, I will be using the prizes to do a lot more cool instructables!

If I win the Zing Laser Cutter, I will definitely use to to create custom wooden beads for projects like this, but because I am also a guitar player / enthusiast, I will also use it to create custom guitar parts; such as pick guards, pickup covers, truss rod covers, and bridge plates. I will be sure to do instructables for all of the interesting projects that I do with the Zing, to show how much different things I can do with it. 

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