Introduction: Creatively Colouring Fishes Using Large Art Therapy Markers in a Water Background Part 2

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Here is a step by step guide to getting Colourful Fish!

Step 1: Equipment

Pencil Colours
Fine liners
Large Art Therapy Markers
Brush Dual Brush Tips
Water Background with Uncoloured Fish
Technical Hint Sheet!

Step 2: From Large Art Therapy Markers Select Colours

Select Complementary Colours from Art Therapy Large Markers.

Step 3: 1st Fish: Pick 3 Markers

Using the Dark Red marker and dot the fishes body and then use the other 2 colours to make a glimmer affect. Leave some of the fish body with tiny white spaces.

Step 4: 1st Fish: Creating the Fins & Tall

Using the Dark Red Marker to do the main line on the tall, then using the Pink and Peach Pink to colour the tall.
The fin will be Dark Red.
Then use the Peach Pink to go over the main fish body.
1 fish complete; 10 fish to go!

Step 5: 2nd Fish

Using Peach Pink colour dot the fish body and then do the tall Peach Pink and Sky Blue marker.

Step 6: 3rd Fish

Using Sky blue, Pale Blue and Dark Purple to dot the body and then do the tall. (I am of two minds about this fish)

Step 7: 4th Fish

Using Sky blue, Dark Red and Pink markers to dot the body and do the tall! (This fish did not turn out great)

Step 8: 5th Fish

Using the Yellow, lime Green markers for the body & Tall plus the Orange marker for the fish mouth. This Colour combination is awesomely striking!

Step 9: 6th Fish

Using Orange and Pink markers to dot the body and colour the tall.

Step 10: 7th Fish

Use Pink & Coral large Markers on the fishes body & Tall.

Step 11: 8th & 9th Fish

Using Light Purple and Coral on one of the fishes body and tall.
Using the Light Purple & Dark Purple on one of the fishes body and tall. This fish is also not great but don't worry.

Step 12: 10th & 11th Fish

Use Dark Red, Coral and Pink on the fishes body and tall.

Step 13: The Finished Piece

Completed Picture is best viewed from a distance & added to the Art Therapy Gallery !